Our Patients Speak

“I had back surgery in 1996 and recovered well from the surgery.  However, a year later, I developed pain in the same area, which made it impossible to sit or drive for any length of time. When I contacted my orthopedic surgeon, he suggested I see a chiropractor.

 I chose Nazar Chiropractic Family Health Center, P.C. and was able to be seen that same day.  After several appointments, the pain began to subside. My fear of a second surgery has been replaced with the knowledge of what chiropractic treatment can accomplish.  I would recommend that anyone with back pain try chiropractic treatment before surgery.  The cost of treatment is certainly less expensive than the surgical route.

 Dr. Nazar is professional, courteous, and genuinely concerned with your total well being. I am able to schedule appointments at my convenience and feel very fortunate to have chosen this type of quality care from Nazar Chiropractic.”

 Tammy N., Secretary

 “I was referred to Dr. Nazar by a friend at work.  I came in for back and hip pain.  I woke up everyday in pain for years.  I thought that was normal.  She has made my life PAIN FREE!  The change is unbelievable!”

 Rebecca, School Teacher

 “My lower back was in very bad shape.  It kept me from being able to do my job, and also the things I enjoy like taking long walks and weight lifting.

 After receiving chiropractic treatment at Nazar Chiropractic, I feel 100% and I don’t feel like I have to worry about over exerting myself anymore.  Thanks!”

 Viola S., Restaurant Manager

 “Before coming to Nazar Chiropractic Family Health Center, P.C., I was experiencing sciatic nerve problems with numbness and pain down my leg.  Now, the pain and numbness are gone.”

 James A., Supervisor, Educ./Comm.  Services

 “When I came to Nazar Chiropractic, I had lower back pain on the right with hip and leg pain.  Since my treatment began, I have had complete improvement.”

 Nicole H., Student

 A plumber and firefighter with upper back and neck pain with hand weakness and numbness says, “My wife told me about the chiropractic adjustments helped with her migraine headaches so I came.  I found out I had a herniated disc.  Since Dr. Nazar’s treatment, I have regained painless movement, the strength in my hands and the numbness is gone.  Also, Dr. Nazar has helped me in time of need.  I work 100% now!”


 “An accountant came in with debilitating migraine headaches.  Since receiving adjustments from Dr. Nazar and nutritional counseling, my headaches have been reduced significant in severity and frequency.  It’s nice to be normal again.  Since I can function normally now, I’ve increased my income 20%!”


 I came to Dr. Nazar because I couldn’t work any more because of the pain in back, upper back, neck and arms.  I had no energy.  The medical doctor’s couldn’t find anything wrong with me.  I thought I had cancer or something.  Dr. Nazar took me in right away.  Since I started getting adjusted, the pain is almost gone, I have more energy and I am more relaxed.  My income has increased 100%!  I haven’t felt this good in years.”

 Maria, Health care provider

 A clerk typist 2 who loves reading , walking and sewing came in with complaints of nerve pain in the upper back and neck and a numb ache into her left shoulder says after receiving adjustments at Nazar Chiropractic Family Health Center, P.C.

 “The pain I have previously experienced no longer exists.  I am confident that my treatments at Nazar Chiropractic have made a difference in my life.  That is NO PAIN!”


A Computer Systems Analyst who loves to ride roller coasters, playing tennis and volley ball, came in with frequent stiff necks, says, “the stiff necks have all but disappeared after receiving care from Dr. Nazar.”


A forms designer who loves planting flowers, playing baseball and going to movies came in with pain in her arms and back says after receiving care at Nazar Chiropractic “The pain is GONE!  I can use my arms without worrying if it will bother me later.”


 A Senior Assistant who loves remodeling houses, singing and aerobics, came to Nazar Chiropractic for lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain.  She says after just a couple of weeks of adjustments “so far my lower back pain has disappeared and my neck and shoulder pain has reduced substantially.”



A police officer who loves to read during his downtime, came in for neck and low back pain.  After a few adjustments he says, “my neck pain is relieved and my back pain is improving.”



A retired high school teacher who loves to do crafts and travel, came to us with pain in the middle and lower back-chronic.  She says, “My chronic pain diminished to no pain at all!  First time in two decades!  NO PAIN!


“I can’t begin to tell you what chiropractic care has done for me from the preventative maintenance standpoint.  I have had less sickness in the past 5 years I have been under chiropractic care than I have eve had in my lifetime.  I have improved output since my stress-filled lifestyle has been amended with a weekly – sometimes bi-weekly adjustment.  Thanks for helping me experience the Power of Chiropractic.”



“I started chiropractic care in November 1996 because of shoulder and neck stiffness.  I continue to go once a week.  My whole body feels better.  If I get colds, they don’t last long.  My blood pressure is the best it’s been.  With the adjustments I have much better posture and I don’t feel as tired out as I used to.”

            Mary Ann


A 78 year old retired Blue Shield supervisor who loves reading, art, and working with people came to Nazar Chiropractic for a “pinched nerve, herniated disc and low back pain.”

After completing her corrective care plan she says, “My pinched nerve is corrected and I have less back pain and more mobility.”